Saturday, January 14, 2012

Angel Evolution by David Estes

Book Review: Angel Evolution by David Estes
   (Evolution Trilogy #1)

Angel Evolution by David Estes
Published: Oct. 10, 2011
Young Adult Fantasy

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Angel Evolution- the first book in the young adult fantasy trilogy: The Evolution Trilogy... When Taylor meets Gabriel at college, she is in awe of the subtle glow that surrounds him. No one else, not even her best friend, seems to notice. Something about him scares her. Is all as it appears? While Taylor struggles for answers, she finds herself in the middle of a century old war centered on one miraculous revelation: evolution.

My Thoughts:

The cover is gorgeous and had me interested. I know you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover but I am a sucker for great covers. 

I was not sure what I would think of this book in all honesty. I had not yet found a book in which Angels vs. Demons could keep my full attention. Angel Evolution by David Estes has changed my previous statement. This book kept me on the edge of my seat. 

I will not give anything away in this review because that will take the fun and the ride out of the book.

Angel Evolution does not have a religions views which is very refreshing when reading about Angels vs. Demons. What your mind tells you should be good and bad, just forget it because David Estes has found a way to make you think, "What...... Really...... But how can that be?" How he could have the imagination to come up with that?

The plot kept me interested throughout the entire book.

 I feel as if I am still getting to know the characters, but I believe that is what David Estes planned on. You never know what to expect, what's coming next and who to love and hate. It is quite amazing in my opinion. I do not like reading a book and have it figured out in the middle of the story, there is no way I could have figured this one out. 

My favorite laugh out loud moment: 
             While he read out the digits, she typed his number into her iPhone under "Gabriel Glow-worm". 
If you have not read Angel Evolution I would highly suggest reading it..

I will gladly give 5/5 rating. 

I received a complimentary copy from the author for review but that does not alter my reviews in any way. . 

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  1. Nice review. Be sure to keep us updated on how the other books in the series pan out.

  2. Great review. I loved this book as well!