Review Policy and Contact Info

If you are an author or publisher who would like a book reviewed then please read the following carefully.

I am a book blogger, not a professional reviewer. My reviews consists of my opinions, feeling, and thoughts of the books I read.

I do not like to read reviews that are detailed enough that I don't feel the need to read the book. I like reviews that give me a hint of what is in the book and makes me curious to know more so that I feel I need to read the book. That is my thought process when I write reviews.

Currently I'm  accepting ARCs , published books and I love audio books (I prefer printed copies or audio, but I do occasionally review kindle copies as well). If the book interest me I will review self-published books. However,I'm still more than happy to have you stop by for an interview or a guest post + giveaway!!!

I'm always happy to participate in Blog Tours!

I prefer to read a series in order so I have the ability to give a fair review, therefore if you have a review request of a book which is part of a series I ask that you please provide a copy of all preceding books in the series (or at least to begin with sending book #1).

Genres I accept for review:

~ YA and Adult
~ Paranormal (Preferred)
~ Fantasy 
~ Suspense/Thriller/Horror
~ Science Fiction
~ Will consider others

Genres I do not accept for review:

~ Poetry ~ Non-Fiction

* If you need the review for an upcoming release date please specify the date.

**My preferred format is a physical print copy or audio book, however I will accept ebooks if compatible with Amazon Kindle*

I will consider and respond to all review requests
Email: Enchanted.Book.Haven (at) gmail (dot) com

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